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Research & Innovation


Over the years SUHO has provided valuable research with and for state and federal government to help improve the energy compliance regulation. Two recent example are:

  • Least Cost Study: national study done for the federal government, proving that it is possible to build a 7-Star home instead of a 6-Star home at no additional cost, if designed right from the start.
  • Design WA Apartment Design Codes: published by the Department of Planning and Land Heritage (DPLH). Our experts carried out a review of sustainability submissions.

In addition, we present and run workshops with clients, industry organisations and local councils, educating on regulation changes and how they relate to sustainable design principles.


Something unique about us: at SUHO we have our own in-house software development team. They provide us and our clients with unique software solutions such as our Client System and Roborator.

SUHO Client System

The web-based Client System we developed allows for our clients to conveniently log any new jobs that come in, provide the necessary details, upload the plans, keep track of the progress, and download your Energy Compliance Reports. This means, no need to ask for quotes or sending multiple e-mails in order to get a job started, saving time and money.


Our Roborator software can run over 10,000 simulations in a matter of minutes to combine every possible combination of different building elements, such as roof color, insulation values, window specification etc. This allows our clients to find the most cost-effective solution for their design, whether it is a single home or a larger development.

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