We pride ourselves in our ability to guide clients through the complex field of energy compliance regulations and specialise in the most cost-effective way to increase star ratings.

Energy Compliance

In order to design and construct a new building in Australia there are minimum requirements on energy efficiency. To meet these requirements is to meet Energy Compliance.

Unlike most firms, we see compliance as part of the process. We get on board in the early stages of a project where our consultants provide advice on your design before finalising the compliance report. We spend extra time upfront to save our clients time and money in the long run.

Commercial compliance services

For the commercial market there are two ways to meet compliance called JV3 and DTS. Our team models your design into a software program and specialises in JV3, as this method results in lower build cost/glazing cost and the ability to use preferred construction methods. To prevent surprises down the track, our most common approach is multi-staged. This way, necessary changes and improvements are visible at an earlier stage, resulting in lower build-cost.

If required, we can provide the DTS method.

Residential compliance services

Project homes/custom-designed homes/multi-home developments/apartments
In the residential market we also use two methods to meet compliance; Star-rating or Verification. For residential homes our team often uses the  build-cost effective Verification-method (or V2.6.2.2). Depending on the council and changing regulation a project might needs to meet a minimum star-rating of 6 (scale from 1 till 10). Either way, our team models your design into software that determines where the design currently stands, after which we assist with further improving the design to meet the required rating.

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