Our planning services help your project achieve planning approval easier and quicker; saving you time and money.

Planning Services

To get planning approval an increasing number of councils require a project to showcase sustainable design and ESD initiatives to ensure the project is future proof. Leading the way are the increasing number of CASBE councils in Victoria (www.casbe.org.au). Depending on the size of the project they require a Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) or Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) which among other things, includes a minimum score of 50% on the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS). In addition, there are councils that require extra assessments to be included.

Our services include:

  • SDA or SMP Report
  • BESS Assessment
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design Assessment (WSUD); using either the STORM or MUSIC method
  • Preliminary Energy Check (Section J)
  • Daylight Assessment
  • Thermal Comfort Assessment
  • Green Travel Plan (GTP)
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Sustainability Statement (for non CASBE councils)

Councils across Australia are following this example. For councils that do not have any requirements we have developed a cost-effective service that has proven successful; our Sustainability Statement. In one meeting we run through multiple different themes and help you decide and showcase the initiatives you are committing to for your development.

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