Improve comfort and reduce running costs by stopping your expensive conditioned air from escaping your residential or commercial building

Air Tightness & Thermography

"15-25% of winter heat loss within homes occurs via air leakage."*

Air leakage is the uncontrolled movement of air through the unintentional cracks and gaps in the roof, walls and floor of a building. Air tightness testing enables you to do three important things:

1. Quantify air leakage by scoring a building and enabling comparisons to national and international benchmarks

2. Provide important qualitative information about air leakage pathways within a building and

3. Inform your ventilation strategy and mitigate mould and condensation risks.

We provide various air tightness services on both residential and commercial projects

Gain valuable credits for your Green Star certification and show the industry your project is ahead of the game.  Up to 3 credits are available by getting an air tightness test done.

Identifying air leakage pathways in existing buildings can be a fascinating process.  We can provide comprehensive feedback on problem areas.

This post construction testing provides you with additional reassurance that your building performs to expectations and also ensures that you are aware of your ventilation requirements based on how much air is naturally moving in and out of the envelope.

We offer advice on design and detailing strategies for your next project to greatly improve the likelihood of hitting your air tightness targets.

Thermal imaging is very useful during an air tightness test in creating a visual representation of air leakage and insulation defects that would otherwise never be identified.

Our Projects

Lot Fourteen Adelaide

Backed by the South australian Government as well as Federal and Local Government Lot Fourteen is an adaptive reuse Urban Renewal project on the Old Royal Adelaide Hospital site.  It has been converted into a 6 Star Green Star Innovation Hub where people will work, study and visit.

SUHO was engaged to carry out pre-construction and post-construction Air Tightness Testing.  One as a series of compartment tests as an investigative measure prior to construction work commencing in order to identify air leakage pathways early on in the project.  The other, whole building tests to verify building envelope performance in order to gain Green Star points.

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"At the start, we had very little confidence in our ability to achieve the results that we needed due to design complexities and time constraints. But despite many of the challenges, Jessica provided much reassurance around the entire process and equipped our team with the knowledge to achieve excellent results. Jessica is an experienced tester with a friendly and personable approach, who always made time for our team. I would not hesitate to recommend SUHO to contractors, building owners and anyone looking to get air tightness testing done." 

Marina Zavaleeva


The Workshop

The Workshop is a mixed use building consisting of 3.5 levels of basement car parking for 190 vehicles, retail/commercial spaces at street level for shops, cafes or commercial suites, levels of commercial office space, a child care centre.

SUHO carried out multifan complex building testing for a 6 star Green Star rating target.  9 levels were tested at once using 8 fans.

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