Research has shown that including sustainable design initiatives in your development can reduce running costs, maximise rent and occupancy rates, and add to the re-sale value.

Advisory Services

Compliance to us is only one element in the process. Our advisory services help identify how the design performs, help with getting Development Approval, identify which elements provide marketing value, and help ensure your project is future-proof.

These days many buyers and tenants look for healthier spaces to live and work in. They know sustainability features offer this, as well as lower utility bills. It is also an effective way to increase commercial & marketing value. We don’t simply focus on the ‘badge’ or ‘ECO-bling’, it has to make sense for the environment, for its use, its occupants, its context, its economic gains, its purpose, for the building.

Because we get on board in the earlier stages of the project, it allows us to add and customise services based on your project needs. It also ensures that sustainability features and improvements are not a cost, but a profit, as they reduce running costs and increase occupancy rates.

Take your project above and beyond compliance through any of the following services:

  • Greenstar (both formal and informal)
  • Pre-design Sustainability Workshops (using our in-house developed Sustainability Matrix)
  • Sustainability Statements
  • Building Simulations

These simulations provide additional value to the planning procedure as well as valuable insights for future buyers and tenants. They allow you to see how the design will perform on different aspects, such as: natural daylight, direct sunlight, shadow impact on neighbouring buildings, thermal comfort, air flow, wind comfort, and temperature distribution.

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