Our Projects

10 Star Home

The 10 Star Home is intended to demonstrate the possibilities of sustainable design and construction in the Australian residential housing market. Designed to achieve a NatHERS 10 Star energy efficiency rating, the home has been further enhanced by careful implementation of passive design principles,  including consideration of climate, orientation, sun and shade, thermal mass, insulation, airtightness, and ventilation.

8 Star Home

In a similar vein to its neighbour, the 8 Star Home is a demonstration of sustainable residential design and construction, albeit with a lower NatHERS star rating. Being a more readily attainable rating, the 8 Star Home will be a demonstration of what might be considered a basic standard new for Australian homes.

Warradale Residence

The comfy little adobe is nestled away from the street in one of Adelaide’s busy little Southern suburbs. Handmade from strawbale by the conscientious owners and designed with a small footprint to maximise the efficiency of cross ventilation it is an example of sensible design for the changing climate.

Emily Street Residence

As a small home for a family of two, this SIP panel home was built to 7.7 stars and used simple, yet effective use of passive heating and cooling to achieve a large open living space. Built on a typical tight site in Birkenhead, the SIP  panels, Recycled  brickwork, and an exposed concrete floor are all essential sustainable design strategies. The owner wanted to frequently monitor energy consumption and operational performance once built and therefore used an electric energy solution with solar panels, heat pump, battery backup and monitoring.

Granville Residence

With a less than ideal orientation for a passively designed home, the star rating is achieved through simple construction methodology, the owner wanted  to ensure that their lofty ceilings in the kitchen allowed maximum solar penetration. The roof also collected rainwater for the home and where possible rain chains were used to bring it into the garden. Internal lighting was balanced using skylights and high-level fenestrations and a neutral internal colour scheme reflecting light around the living areas.

Edward Park Master Plan
Edwardstown, SA

The Edward Park business precinct south of Adelaide has developed to its current state over several decades, and was in need of modifications and improvements to maintain its appeal to tenants.

Elements considered in the plan include parking, vehicular movement, gardens & landscaping, lighting, security, shading, amenity, signage & wayfinding and sustainability.

Fulham Residence

Multi-Tenancy Concept
Salisbury North, SA

The studio team were engaged to provide a concept design for a multitenancy facility. Rather than a large block divided internally, the concept allows for each tenant to have its own identity while maintaining a cohesive look and feel across the site.

Gould Creek Home
Gould Creek, SA

An off-grid project on a beautiful site, facing north west with permanent water sources. This project combined many sustainable design approaches, starting with a small footprint, maximised water collection, with top tank, and the use of locally sourced materials — recycled brick and stone.

Felixstow Prototypes
Felixstow, SA

Our strategy was initially to design homes that are not dependent on mechanical cooling. This is based on the following concern: Peak Electricity Demand (PED), is driven by electricity consumption of air conditioning the hottest hours in the year and that this provides the greatest stress on the grid.