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All of our regular presentations are offered free of charge. For our CPD presentations, we charge a fixed $250 admin fee, regardless of how many attendees.

Green Star Performance is a holistic sustainability rating tool that assesses the operational performance of buildings.

It is an effective tool to benchmark the sustainability of assets and measure improvements in operational performance over time.

This presentation will give an introduction to the rating tool, provide information about the categories and credits as well as the GBCA process and certification fees.

After this presentation you will have a good understanding of the rating and how it can be applied to your building or portfolio of buildings.

The current Covid-19 pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on our communities. We need to find safe and effective ways of reoccupying buildings, while managing new considerations around building access, space planning, building occupant well-being etc.

This presentation will address some of the risks posed and also introduce the WELL Health Safety Rating, an evidence-based, third party verified rating for all new and existing buildings released by International WELL Building Institute.

Though certainly informed by the COVID-19 pandemic, WELL Health-Safety also has broader applicability for supporting long-term health and safety needs of occupants.

This presentation provides an overview for navigating sustainable design in the planning process’ (SDAPP). First, we will cover what SDAPP is, and then offer an approach to navigate some simple and
more complex hurdles involved. We also offer some suggestions for a more streamlined process to assist in achieving your sustainability goals and outcomes for your projects.

In this presentation we talk in detail about air tightness & diagnostics, it's benefits, how a test is conducted, and run through some real-life examples, what challenges we face on site and what lessons were learned.

This workshop can be expanded with a real-time test at your office (conditions apply).

Using a real-life case study of a Green Star whole building test from start to finish this presentation helps you to get an understanding of the Air Tightness credits in Green Star, how to obtain them and what challenges we faced on site and what lessons were learned.

Using real-life examples this presentation runs you through the key Energy Compliance elements in the current National Construction Code (NCC19) and how these have changed in comparison to 2016.

Depending on the market you operate in we can address the Commercial and/or Residential Code.

Hubble is a unique online assessment tool that allows you to check the Star-rating and energy efficiency of a home design at concept design stage.

Using our AI algorithm, you can simply fill in the pre-set data fields (windows m2, floor m2 etc) and get shown the current rating.

It also allows you to go back, change things, and see the effect it has. For this presentation we can model up one of your own designs as our example.

Using our experience in designing 8+ Star Homes, we talk about how to set the right objectives and which sustainability measures a designer can implement in addition to NatHERS compliance to achieve a very energy efficient and sustainable home. In addition, we compare where Australia currently sits in sustainability frameworks and energy requirements to overseas and what are common construction defects found and how to address these.

The role of designer is rapidly changing as Australia tries to catch up with international energy efficiency standards, it's important that the homeowner is part of the journey and understands where they can support the outcome desired. This presentation provides an overview of the sustainable design process for the home owner and where to set priorities in terms of energy efficiency.

To bridge the gap between design and construction the communication between engineer, specialist and designers is key. How do we coordinate this work? Understanding the holistic approach as a designer How to articulate the work of specialists to have the best communication in projects, bridging the gap between design and construction.