New residential design project for SUHO achieves 8 star energy efficiency rating

Posted on July 25, 2017

Sustainability House were engaged to produce concept design drawings for council planning approval for a proposed new residence, situated on one hectare in a primary production and agricultural zone. The brief was to design a family home that would enlist passive solar design techniques to deliver an efficient dwelling that minimises energy use and operational costs. With the addition of two 20,000L rainwater tanks and an array of solar panels, the dwelling will reduce its reliance on grid infrastructure. Internal thermal mass was enlisted with rammed earth walls strategically placed to capture northern sun through highlight windows and assist in keeping stable temperatures within the home. Iterative thermal modelling of the proposed dwelling was used during design development in Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) software to determine optimal specification of windows and insulation. Sun path and shading analysis in Ecotect software assisted in the design of shading devices and eaves. Final dwelling design achieved a rating of 8.0 Stars.


Ceiling insulation: R5.0 Batts, double sided reflective foil

External wall construction: Fibre Cement Sheet Cladding, R2.5 HD Batts

Internal wall insulation: R2.0 batts throughout

Internal thermal mass: Rammed Earth

lazing: Aluminium double glazed, U: 3.58 SHGC: 0.62

Adjustable shading: Deciduous vine covered pergola